BITS OF FOOD(1982-1985) with Charles Vincent on vocals/bass, Warren Pratten on guitar, Galen Curnoe on drums/guitar, Owen Curnoe synth/drums. Frank Shaw joined the band to provide vocals and bagpipes. 

Frank took over vocals when Charles left the band in 1984.

B.O.F. was the first band to come out of the BOF SHELTER.

I had almost nothing to do with this band except that I was in the videos and I almost became a member just before it’s demise. The reason I mention B.O.F. at all is that I had never thought about making music ever before. It was my friends starting this band that opened my eyes to the possibilities of making music and performing in front  of an audience and I desperately needed an audience. So I pushed and prodded Owen and Galen to start a band with me. That band was LUBATUNES.