is a



filmmaker and

second generation Nihilist.


In London, Ontario, Canada, a practice room was built by Owen and Galen’s 

father in the basement of the Curnoe’s house on Weston Street in 1982. 

The room was nicknamed  THE BOF SHELTER.

I made music in that studio with various bands for over 20 years.

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bands from The BOF Shelter


Stan Ridgway

walking’ home alone - 2016

video by Mark Favro

music by Stan Ridgway

Stan allowed me to make this and gave me positive and helpful tips while working on it.

Nash The Slash 

music in a particular vein - 2016

video by Mark Favro

music by Nash The Slash

I’ve been a a fan of Nash The Slash since I was 13. 

He was the one that got me into music.

Since his death I felt I wanted to make some sort of video.

For those of you that have misplaced your old  Nash records you can find most of them on iTunes and bandcamp and I urge those out there that have never heard of him to check him out!


moon song - 2015

video by Mark Favro

music by Luddites

tumbleweed - 2012

video by Mark Favro. 

music by Name with no Sound.

Clown Face - 1993

written & directed by Mark Favro.

Made with a grant from the Ontario Arts Council.

A dark seedy story about a Father and Son.

When I was a kid I started making animated films with my Dad’s Super8 camera. 

My Dad told me his friend had kids that made films too, so in 1980 I collaborated for the first time with Owen and Galen Curnoe

Film led to B&W reel to reel video. The advantage being immediate results without developing of film. Also the advantage of sound.

Lots of running around with toy guns throwing dummies off rooftops. 

In 1983 Owen’s Dad bought a CANON colour VHS portapack and camera.

The mid 80s was a very inspired and productive time for the three of us.

This was a group effort that would last until Galen moved to Vancouver in 1990. 

The last movie we all worked on together was Welcome To Forever in 1995 when Galen came back to London Ontario for a visit.

Welcome To Forever - 1994

directed by Owen Curnoe written by Owen Curnoe, Galen Curnoe & Mark Favro.

A bit of John Woo style in this short action film.

One Fine Day In The Wasteland - 1986

directed by Owen Curnoe, co-written by Steve MacDonald.

Kind of like DOWN BY LAW and MAD MAX mixed together.

Ed & Ford & The Cheezy Invention - 1984

The joke is they are action heroes from another country so their voices are dubbed.

Ed & Ford & The Cheezy Adventure trailer - 1985

The Scavenge - 1985

directed by Owen Curnoe

A mad Max kind of thing with bikes.

Dr.Death - 1986


some super8 stuff  - 1980/1981