(1987-1995) Mark Favro on vocals/samplers, Owen Curnoe drums/samplers/vocals and Charles Vincent on bass/guitar/samplers/vocals. 

Still interested in Industrial music this band continued what THE BRAIN SHOW had done before but took advantage of MIDI controlled keyboards and drum machines. Charles Vincent and Owen Curnoe programed the MIDI. I explored my song writing and vocalizing with this band.

Charles left the band in 1990 to work on solo projects leaving Owen and I to continue with the band.Owen and I quit after releasing the CHANGE FACE cassette in 1995. By that time I think we had both run out of steam on the project and had taken it as far as it could go.

THE ANTHROPOMORPHICS released 5 cassettes I was involved with the 4 listed below.

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unreleased tracks from the 90’s….