We taught ourselves to play 

and embraced improvisation. 

We had a rusty and grubby sound.

(1985-1987) Mark Favro vocals/keyboards/samplers, Owen Curnoe on percussion, Galen Curnoe on guitar/vocals/percussion and Charles Vincent on bass/vocals.

The Blister

Groovy Doomsday

Screamy Meamy

Rain Makes Rust

Rusty Cello

No Hard Feelings

Brain Show live 1987

Below are some recordings and live performances that were one-off musical experiments after the breakup of The Brain Show.

Owen, Galen and I recorded wrong & write and WITHIN in 1988

A concert at the Forest City Gallery in 1988 by a band known as Shocking Tom Hockins & the Stormtroopers Of Fiscal Suicide

Owen, Galen, Mark, Phil Bearden, Mark Goodwyn, and a bunch of others joining in for crazy live concert fun.