What is a second generation nihilist?

Owen Curnoe, Galen Curnoe, Warren Pratten and I have have worked together in music and video for many years and we all have Dads that have all worked together for many years in 


Since 1965 there has been a Nihilist Picnic

Growing up, the offspring of THE NIHILIST SPASM BAND would play and compete in competitions such as the tug of nor. 

As we have grown older some of us have grown as friends and some of us even work together artistically. 

Second generation Nihilists have all grown up listening to the Dads make very loud music. They are known as a noise band, Although, I don’t think it is noise music. 

It’s improvised & loud.

I grew up listening to the booming loudness.

It is familiar and normal.


back row - Greg Curnoe, Bill Exley, Murray Favro John Boyle

front row - John Clement, Art Pratten, Hugh McIntyre