(1996-2004) Mark Favro on keyboards/samples,Owen Curnoe on keyboards/samples/programming and Warren Pratten on guitar.

Baku is the capital city of the former Soviet Republic Azerbaijan. In 1992 Baku was the site of a concert which incorporated noise and natural sounds, including factory whistles, artillery, machine gunners, aircraft, and the foghorn of the Caspian fleet. The spirit of this concert intrigued and impressed us and the band took the name BAKU as a result. We were also inspired by the release of the long awaited BLADE RUNNER soundtrack by Vangelis. BAKU was a departure from what Owen and I had done in the past although we were still layering sound textures into the pieces. Sometimes a microphone would be placed outside the practice room door to record the outside world as we played inside. We rarely did multitrack recording. 

Usually it was all three of us playing live and manipulating the midi programming live.

BAKU released six albums from 1997 to 2003. Mouse click the albums to listen.

BAKU contributed the Nihilist Spasm Band tribute album 


Below is a longer take of the track

we are not the Nihilist Spasm Band 

and the unused track I have nothing to say.